Classical Indian Tantra is a comprehensive philosophy. The emphasis is often on presence and expansion of the mind.

In Buddhist Tantra it is used as a skillful means on the path to enlightenment.

Modern neo-Tantra often focuses on Tantric sexuality.

Or in other words, sensuality and pleasure, with the partners interacting in mutual safety and trust.

But both old and new Tantra can lead us on a spiritual journey, where it is possible for us to see and feel life as it is.

If we can allow life to be without rejecting certain aspects and chasing others, perhaps we can break away from a black and white world view and find more freedom?

If we can find ways to appreciate pleasure and sensuality, but also experiences that feel less good, like frustration and chaos, maybe that can enrich our lives?

In fact, Tantra often works with the opposing forces in life, often described as Shiva and Shakti, the masculine and the feminine.

But they interact with each other and blend the energies rather than fight each other.

So according to the tantric principles, we do not have to give up the restrictive life, but we can integrate the principles as part of daily life.

Like a dance between Shiva and Shakti.

Tantra connects us to ourselves and to life. But how can tantric techniques be used in intimacy and sexuality?

There are many forms of tantric sexuality. But in general, a tantric practise can make you more sensitive and connected to your body.

This can make it more natural for you to be present in your body and mind.

You don’t have to shut down when something comes up. Instead, you can engage with it and explore it with curiosity together with your partner.

This way you can feel and channel your sexual life energy more consciously.

And sex and intimacy can become more playful, open and creative.

Or meditative.

In the interaction with your partner you can find new forms of closeness and intimacy.

For some practitioners, the sexual encounter can lead to a spiritual experience.

Together you can enjoy the dance of energies. The ecstasy and expansion. The oneness…