Spirit Level at BEYOND Temple I

Marija was attended in October 2021 the BEYOND, unique, high-quality & luxurious in-depth space of Mystery, where we descend into the unknown. Into deep human connection – real, raw and refined. A deep relaxation into truth. Expanding and awakening into divine humanness and exhilarating consciousness.
In a way, yet unheard of.

BEYOND is a ceremonial field of deep presence, a space of Sacred Sexual Alchemy. A Mystic School, deeply transformational, where Tantra, Shamanism and Ritual Art invite you in your deepest. Where light, dark, spirit and sex becomes one, meeting and melting through our armours.

A Sanctuary for the Soul where Life becomes Living Art. Where all seen and unseen aspects in and around you are being propelled and lit up.

Highly recommended for the truth-seekers and wholehearted conscious beings!

Photo: Mark Arends @ Beyond Temple of Deep Delight