Ecstatic Body

5 Rhythms + Ecstatic Dance weekend with Irene H. Sánchez & Alex Sevilla
A movement immersion to explore the foundations of 5R with the support of ED sessions to go deeper, spark the flame of presence, life and inspiration. And get back to our original Ecstatic State of being.
“Once your body surrenders to movement, your soul remembers its dance.” —Sweat Your Prayers – Gabrielle Roth
5Rhythms as a deep and powerful moving meditation practice combine with Ecstatic Dance juicy curated music and inspirational energy are just a bomb!!! Irene and Alex met 5 years ago in a ED Festival and fell in love with each other’s way of offering. Since then, they have been collaborating in different retreats, festivals and sharing their explorations in music, group process, dance, therapy in motion, creativity…etc… distilling and weaving together..This offering is the culmination of that.
“The fastest, cleanest, most joyful way to break out of your own box is by dancing. I’m not talking about doing the stand-and-sway. I’m talking about dancing so deep, so hard, so full of the beat that you are nothing but the dance and the beat and the sweat and the heat.” — Gabrielle Roth
In this workshop we will unfold the foundations of the 5R waves (physical) and heartbeat (emotional) level of the practice. There will be moments to explore embodiment tools to be more present in our bodies and hearts. And other moments to let what emerge follow its own path, expression and expansion.
A workshop to try out the dance as practice, medicine and meditation for the first time or to deepen in the 5Rhythms Map if you already know it. The nurturing combination of new dancers and experienced ones will be part of the process…Come, come!!! Let your body in motion remember its natural state of Ecstasy with us!
Friday 4/11 from 6:30-9pm
Saturday 5/11 from 10:30-7:30pm
Sunday 6/11 from 10-2:30pm
Lazarevićeva 4, Belgrade, Serbia 
The whole workshop is 100 Euros

For more information, please contact us at
Irene H. Sánchez is a certified international 5Rhythms® teacher of the Waves Level and the Heartbeat Level. She is passionate about groups, dance and rituals. She is Co-Director of Centro Redes Murcia (Therapy, Embodiment and Training) and a Systemic Therapist (with accredited training in Systemic Family Therapy and Grief Processes). She practices 5Rhythms from 2009, organizes and translates workshops, classes and retreats from 2011 and teaches in Murcia (South East of Spain) and other corners of the world since 2014. She is also a Sociologist and Master in Human Resources.
Alex Sevilla has been passionate about music from childhood, and at the age of 20 he began his career as a DJ, playing in several clubs in Madrid, his hometown. He became tired of the nightclub scene and at the same time discovered the world of conscious dance. He instantly fell in love with the people, the spaces, the freedom of movement and expression of unity and how this combines to create the kind of community he had been longing for. With dedication and perseverance he learned to flow with the energy of the dance floor, connecting with the dancers from a deeper and more subtle place. Currently, he combines his DJing, event organization and teaching at Dance The Medicine, an international Conscious Dance School.